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Join Me In My PLedge to Make Farming Safer

I started helping out on farm at age 13 and worked full time from 16 years of age. After a spell at agriculture college I returned to be involved with and then run an arable and intensive vegetable operation for another ten years. I then trained as a qualified safety practitioner and have specialised in farm safety for the last 17 years working on farm week in, week out over that time.

MeritAgCheck brings together whatever experience I have gained to provide a simple, quick and reliable way for you to record your checks on your vehicles and equipment. To get up and running is a smooth and quick process, requiring a simple registration on our secure website. Once registered, the app can be downloaded on your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple App Store and used in the usual way. We have a customer support team that can help if any issues arise. A paperless solution that keeps your machine checks in the cloud for you to access at any time from anywhere, and stored forever.  

There are two versions. The free version is called ‘Essential’. If you simply want to do basic daily checks on a limited range of equipment and create a record of that, you can download the app from the App Store and use that for free. I pledge that it will remain free for as long as I’m running it – it is my way of giving something back to farming. 

The ‘Premium’ version allows you to do a lot more. Premium has a small initial subscription of £4.90 per month – equivalent to less than £60 per year – although there’s no contract; you can sign on and sign off, add and remove team members on a monthly basis as you choose. It enables you to customise the checks, record all aspects of machinery maintenance, be reminded automatically when legal inspections are due to be completed, and monitor what your team are doing. Basically it’s a one stop shop for machinery compliance management – all paperless, time and date recorded and available, to print off if you need to. 

My second pledge is that we will reinvest any and all income from the app back into further improving and developing it. We want and need your feedback. To make this work, to make it a tool that keeps people safe, we need your help. At this relatively low cost and in order to make it viable and sustainable we need lots of users. Please try the free version, tell your friends if you like it, tell us if you like it or – more importantly – how we can make it even better. 

Let’s work together to make farming safer. 

Thank you.

Oliver Dale
Owner and Founder, Merit Inspection Solutions.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.


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