Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSR)


The Pressure System Safety Regulations (2000), is the UK regulation for owners and users of pressure systems containing a relevant fluid including steam, gases under pressure and any fluid kept artificially under pressure and which becomes a gas when released to atmosphere. Hydraulic pressure testing is complete to measure wall thickness and identifying whether the pressure vessel can still perform at its required safe operating pressure. PSSR inspections must be completed on wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment such as pressure vessels, steam boilers, air receivers, accumulators.

All Pressure systems must be inspected in accordance with Written Scheme of Examination as derived by the regulations. Merit Inspection Solutions provides a thorough inspection and reporting service to ensure you meet your responsibilities with regards to thorough inspection.

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Merit Inspection Services provides inspection services for all types of equipment and machinery to meet LOLER, PUWER, Trailer Brake Testing, Portable Application Testing (PAT) and Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) requirements.

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