Trailer Brake Testing


The Road Vehicles Regulation (1986) is the UK regulation enforced by Police and VOSA, operators of agricultural vehicles must also comply with Provision and Use of Work equipment Regulations 1998. Both of these regulations contain provisions requiring tractors and trailers, including braking safety, to be properly maintained and regularly assessed as safe for use.

Merit Inspection Solutions Ltd will deliver an on site mobile rolling road testing unit. The unit is completely self contained requiring only an area of level concrete to locate the unit on and be able to drive your trailers over. The unit tests wheels both stationery and with the wheels turning, at a low rolling speed. This is key to the efficiency of the test.

The test will deliver detailed information on the percentage of braking efficiency of each wheel on each axle. The test will also identify any variation between each wheel of each axle – this variation can often be significant. We offer day rates if you have a sufficient number of trailers, or if you wish to cooperate with neighbours to share a day.

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